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Ten Rules to Prevent Cancer


The term cancer is used for abnormal cell growth which leads to invasion of normal tissues. The cause of cancer can often not be determined. The risk of cancer increases with age and many chemicals and environmental factors are known to potentially induce cancer. Cure or longer survival can be achieved through early detection, surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
Early warning signs could be: obvious change in wart or mole, thickening or lump, not healing sore, unusual bleeding or discharge. Chronic complaints like nagging cough or hoarseness, changes in bowel or bladder habits, unexplained loss in weight should always be examined by a doctor.
Certain life styles could increase the risk for cancer. You yourself can contribute a lot to substantially reduce that risk. Also many forms of cancer are curable if detected and treated early enough. The European Codex to prevent cancer should help you to reduce your personal risk:

1. I do not smoke
2. I reduce my alcohol consumption
3. I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
4. I eat fat-reduced and exercise much
5. I protect my children and myself from sun
6. I adhere to hygiene and security rules
7. I go to the doctor with bodily changes
8. I go to the doctor with chronic complaints
9. Once a year I attend a cancer screening
10. I regularly self-examine my breast

The medical insurance cover costs for cancer screening for women from 20 years on, for men from 45 years of age onwards:
Screening for women:
Genital 20 years of age
Additionally breast and skin 30 years of age
Additionally rectum/colon 45 years of age
Screening for men:
Colon, prostate, genital, skin 45 years of age
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Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, zögern Sie bitte nicht, Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker zu fragen !

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